Community Action Against Asthma



The Community Action Against Asthma (CAAA) partnership is involved in intervention and epidemiological research focusing on environmental triggers of asthma. The overall aims of CAAA are: to examine how the effects of air quality interact with social and environmental factors, and childhood asthma; to test the effectiveness of different interventions aimed at reducing the impact of environmental triggers on childhood asthma; and to consider how these findings may be used to design individual, community and policy interventions to reduce asthma exacerbation.


  • Arab American Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS)
  • Community Activists
  • Community Health and Social Service Center (CHASS)
  • Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation (DHDC)
  • Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
  • Friends of Parkside
  • Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision
  • Warren-Conner Development Coalition
  • Institute for Population Health
  • UM School of Public Health, UM School of Medicine.

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