Apportionment of PM₂.₅ Sources across Sites and Time Periods

Apportionment of PM₂.₅ Sources Across Sites and Time Periods: An Application and Update for Detroit, Michigan

This new study identifies the major sources that contribute to PM₂.₅ levels in Southwest Detroit, one of the most polluted areas in Michigan. Air pollution causes many harmful health effects, especially the tiny particles known as soot or particulate matter (PM₂.₅) that penetrate deep into the lungs. PM₂.₅ in the outdoor air is estimated to cause early deaths of 47,800 people in the US each year. While exposure to air pollution is widespread, people of color are exposed to higher levels of PM₂.₅. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets health-based outdoor air standards for PM₂.₅. Read on to learn more about PM₂.₅ pollution in Southwest Detroit.


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