Wildfire Smoke & Your Health: Resources

Wildfires are becoming larger and more frequent due to climate change. In 2023, the effects of wildfires were felt across the U.S. as wildfire smoke created dangerous air quality. Below are resources to help you navigate the effects of wildfire smoke and keep your community safe.

Resources from CAPHE Partners

Fact Sheet: Wildfires & Health: How to Protect Yourself

Infographic: Staying Safe Outdoors On High Smoke  Days

Infographic: Staying Safe Indoors On High Smoke Days

Infographic: Staying Safe At School On High Smoke Days

How To Build A Low Cost Air Filter

¿Cómo construir un
filtro de aire de bajo costo?

كيف تصنع فلتر هواء
منخفض التكلفة

Additional Resources

Video: How to build a low-cost air filter

Video: ¿Cómo construir un
filtro de aire de bajo costo?

Infographic: Create a Clean Room

El follete: Reducir la exposición durante y después del embarazo

Infographic: Protect Babies & Children from Smoke

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