Air Quality & Health

Air Quality in Detroit

Residents of Detroit have been and continue to be exposed to elevated levels of air pollutants. These pollutants have been linked to asthma, poor birth outcomes, and cardiovascular disease. Air pollution has been identified as one of the top public health priorities by Detroit community members and its leaders.

CAPHE will address the adverse health effects of air pollution by creating and implement a public health action plan.  It will do so through collaborative engagement  of community residents, planners, community and business leaders, public health and other local decision makers throughout the process This effort is particularly timely given the wide range of strategic planning activities currently taking place in Detroit. City government, private entities, foundations and community organizations are all looking for ways to improve the quality of life in the city, and environmental issues are a key priority.  Working collaboratively with other ongoing initiatives offers exciting opportunities to create synergies and to work together to improve the environment and the health of Detroit residents.

Air pollution has long been a community concern in Detroit. We have coal combustion, incinerators, an oil refinery, steel mills, truck traffic and other contributors that impact air quality. These types of emissions are linked to asthma, cardiovascular disease, and low birth weight, all of which are dangerous to our health.

Guy Williams, President and CEO Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice