Past Events

Panel Discussion of No Defense

  • August 2021: No Defense Virtual Panel Discussion. Join Monica Lewis Patrick from We the People of Detroit as she moderates a discussion on ‘No Defense’, a documentary about the long-lasting and detrimental impacts of PFAS contamination in Oscoda, MI from firefighting foam used at the Wurtsmith Air Force base. Click here to watch the recording.

Climate Action Committee Speaker

  • June 2020: The City of Detroit’s Green Task Force hosted a Climate Action Roundtable Discussion, featuring Karina Richters, Supervisor of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change. She spoke about how Windsor, Ontario is responding climate change, and addressed Windsor’s Climate Adaptation Plan and Equity, extreme weather projects, and opportunities for partnership between the City of Windsor and the City of Detroit.

Panel Discussion of COOKED: Survival by ZIP Code

  • June 2020: Recording of a Panel Discussion on COOKED: Survival by ZIP Code, featuring the film’s director/producer, and local researchers and activists. View accompanying presentation slides with a map from the film and Detroit-based resources here.

Virtual Townhall to Promote Healthy Environments and Air Quality

May 2020: Recording of Virtual Townhall to Promote Healthy Environments and Air Quality, in partnership with COVID313 and Detroit Public Television.